Islamic Republic of Afghanistan


Islamic Republic of Afghanistan — country with high levels of violent crime by definition. Shoot here helluva lot of the time, of course, practically ceased, but relapses are often different. Yes, and throw a stone in the back can not only children from the local population genetics is a historically-graft.

Afghanistan — just not the same country, where to go without a serious motive-atsii. In the internet has some interesting views on the independent travel there, but the situation is changing with time. If we are going to go — ask relevant, current information does not excess.

More recently, in the public media alert was leaking information about a rapidly growing and rapidly developing business there — kidnapping for ransom. And on local television ihnem not enough stories on this topic. So logically, it makes sense to think about the prospects of a trip to this country.

The global idea of the topic — just to emphasize that this is not exactly the best area for independent in-depth study. In fact, in Afghanistan, of course, is what to look… — some of which are abandoned fortress in the south. But can hardly imagine the possibility of independent visits to such places. Search the Web shots from space or something… The actual useful information at the moment on this page no. And who is interested in details — read quite informative and creative version of the guidebook to Afghanistan for those born in the USSR.

In short, the earliest known to us was an Afghan Buddha, one hundred thousand years ago. He lived at Jalalabad. However, there were not Jalalabad, but there was already a Buddha, in one of his previous births. While he was still a simple guy, unenlightened, but he predicted that one in his next life he will become a Buddha. And what's the point — he is dead and forgotten. And only when illuminating through 97 500 years, recalled: "Dude, I'm an Afghan!" Even once flew to Jalalabad in the old memory, on a peacekeeping mission. And here's what we know about the earliest known to us Afghans.
A Brief History of Afghanistan. Sergei Zharov, "Russian back".

The vagaries of the visa, the facts and rumors

Tourist visa for a period of thirty days, you can get without any problems and vagaries. That's just an invitation is required, but again, not everywhere. It makes sense to ask the possibility of obtaining visas to neighboring countries. Tajikistan or Iran, for example, if the route goes.

rumored that the visa is easily obtained in the Afghan consulate in Khorog (Tajikistan), and even without an invitation. You need one form, one photo copy of passport, $ 30. Visa for a month doing there for three days, and for a small baksheesh — this process can be accelerated…

Welcome gentlemen tourists masochists in the former DRA. The climate, except for mountainous areas here — a full paragraph. Sand storms are still, and with a normal diet there quite bad. It is certainly possible at evropezirovannom based, but what you see in this version then? So for a tick on the world map will trip. It is necessary to you? Well, what can I say? — Get rid of stereotypes, and general impressions of the country and the people — all-helluva lot different.

Kabul. — Kandahar. — Lashkargah. — Farah. — Shindand. — Herat. — Registan. — Dasht-i-Margo

Language usually Tajik, Uzbek, Pushtun (?), A type of Persian and Russian (often profanity…) With the advent of all sorts of NATO-vskih pomozhiteley, there is a version that still are — then they began to teach. Drugs — a topic odelnaya and extensive, but it does not interest us.

Here the absence of photographs related to various technical difficulties. Frankly, there are practically no high-quality photographs, and those images that are available — are of no interest to outsiders, they are quite personal. Although there were a lot of time to inspect the country… a little less than a year, but…

If you decide to go there — once again is probably thinking
and about possible problems and the meaning of life in general…