Chinese Food

Феноменальная Chinese food

Chinese cooking is phenomenal — amazing, incredible and almost always very tasty. The skill of Chinese chefs really shocking.

And so you know how? Roll out the pasta one hand… — it must be seen! In reality, of a piece of dough after the shaman manipulations in the air, within five minutes — it turns very fine noodles.

It is only natural that tell anything about the Chinese shamanism — absolutely unreal… amazing Chinese cook and incredibly diverse arts… Watch cooks theirs — a fantastic show. Let's try to do a little review of Chinese cuisine and little-little secret recipe clarified.

In the sublimate exotic , something is about cooking fuchzhu (popularly known under the pseudonym "soy asparagus"), and Chinese black fungus wood… And here…

Cabbage is an urgent

What we need: cabbage, soy sauce, salt, sugar, sesame oil, vinegar, chili peppers, ginger, pickled peppers. Cabbage shred taken in small squares, soaked pepper cut into strips. Cabbage soaked a couple of hours in a salt solution, and then throwing in a colander. Then in a normal saucepan with vinegar irrigated with constant stirring. Give the brew…

Sprinkle with sugar and a little bit — natural soy sauce… ginger, chopped peppers soaked, sesame oil. Fry chopped chilli pepper and pour this hot our cabbages. Before use, the better to pause for a complete impregnation of all. Kept it for a long time and it is better to eat tomorrow.

Chinese food

Суп с курицей и лапшойChinese soup
with chicken, tomatoes and noodles
Обжаренные dumplingsChinese dumplings
options for cooking from roasting pan on to the classic version
Chinese black fungusChinese black mushroom tree
what to do with it…
Кисло-сладкоеSour-sweet pork tenderloin
options for cooking from roasting pan on to the classic version
sauteed with garlic sauce, plus naiuletneyshy

Familiarity with the culinary delights that uniquely desirable in the homeland of origin — China. Of Asian recipes still have an interesting variant of sea shells, fried with garlic . — china. Из asian recipes still have an interesting variation of sea shells fried garlic.