Cauldron and its magical properties


This culinary section has only recently been… This is even true dedicated experiment in a different format, although the first encounter with the magical properties proved recall a couple of decades ago.

It does not attempt to write out of one's own head is not implemented by the one hundred millionth of the account is a prescription of some virtual snacks, often in reality is not. This is just an attempt to convince you that the process of preparation of many dishes in the cauldron — much easier than shirpotrebovskoy dish. And as a result of shamanism — a completely different, the divine quality of food from the available ingredients.

This section contains lots of pictures and photos.
There's no Photoshop, but made little emphasis on the quality of photographs. The weighted average size of photographs of about 150… 300 kBytes. To reassure you and please for example: crednestatisticheskaya modern digital-photography soapbox standard generates 10–30 times more voluminous.

It is believed that this column is not advisable to watch on an empty stomach…
Style information presented here, it may confirm it.

Pork stew with eggplantPork stew with eggplant and tomato
Elementary in the two pictures
Pork with tomato Pork with tomato and sweet pepper
Meat fried in vegetable oil and onions — is a masterpiece!
Chicken soup Chicken soup is ordinary, but…
Only the technology of preparation of chicken soup in a cauldron
Soup chickenSoup chicken with eggplant
Results from a small comment
Eggplant stewedEggplant stewed with tomatoes
Or rather slightly browned, and then…
ShurpaShurpa in the cauldron
Of course only the styling…
Basic variants of heat treatment Basic variants of heat treatment
especially when there is no right ingredients

Practical details

Incidentally, properly handled cauldron, in addition to its culinary advantages of disparate treatment in the technology products — and even washed elementary without chemicals. In the field, it also warms up a little or a lot of water — can be a bit pobulkat wooden spades, and even fresh water… And finally, before the next use of the cauldron is wiped dry with a lint-free dining ordinary cloth. Navigation and coding of this section is now being finalized. Yes, and you have to look how it's interesting the reader in this format.