Pork with tomato
and sweet pepper

Репчатый лук обжаривается в растительном масле

Cauldron and its magical properties are very supportive to such masterpieces… The process of preparing this dish is not complicated, but requires care. And of course, it is clearly necessary cauldron and a pair of wooden spatulas with long handles for mixing. The result is seen in the bottom of the picture, and the initial stage — the photo on the right. Beautifully probably obvious and perhaps understandable that we would like to cook.

The sequence of shamanism

• Onions fried in vegetable oil over medium heat. Clearly, pre-washed and brushed, well, not after the big cut.

• Next, attach the pieces of meat sit back there… They do certainly aware of what to do, but periodically they need to turn

• Add vodichku, salt and spices. Mix and add the little fire — wait for rapid boiling. Then the tomatoes… and a little later and peppers.

• The sequence of heat treatment is observed in paragraph ingredients, and pictures with the tips are quite good. And of course, always unique in this impromptu creativity is encouraged.

The composition of spices and quantity of products — the value is always situational and creative. In the second paragraph, may help to orient very detailed pictures.

As for the add different spices… Key: powdered ginger, but definitely interesting and garlic ginger paste, coriander, turmeric, various kinds of hot peppers (not white). Fantasy has no limits, depending on the availability of spices and the mood to experiment. In this embodiment, there is still water and pure forest spring is present, and that's a lot to begin with.


Built-in comfortable pieces of meat… they're certainly aware of themselves what to do, but periodically they need to turn. Therefore help the magical process.


Add water, preferably spring. Five-minute warm procedure in this case — is always good…

Свиная грудинка обжаренная

Meat fried in vegetable oil and onions — it is a masterpiece. Here, only the pork belly fried with onions in vegetable oil and spring water bewitched. Point!


Add salt and spice mix… All — Meat deform you are unlikely to succeed and we add a little fire and look forward to rapid boil. Next come the tomatoes — hence the boiling reduced independently. And after a boil, reduce heat of cooking, a few minutes later parked there, and sweet bell peppers…

That's what the divine and delicious we have.

Pork with tomato