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what to do then? Advice please
there may be a shaman or a tambourine
spell a shamanistic explaining
the magical taste of a dish should yell?

Cooking — it's art and creativity, plus something more elusive for the logic. And certainly not the final selection of grocery items sales vparivaemy traders under this sign in a rented room. I hope readers are not interested in the question: how to save time and money on food, due to its quality.

Do not want to get into arguments about the adequacy of cookbooks and recipes in general in particular the Internet. All and so it is known that undistorted information in general very difficult to find — it is very rare, even in such seemingly simple and accessible themes. Sometimes, one dish or recipe name causes mild surprise, as the ingredients and methods of treatment — is generally a single epic.

Here we try to do everything honestly. And at least in this resource available technologies and recommendations incomprehensible to the author of this site. Something certainly can be lost, but kopiraytnyh innuendo in this section, definitely not.

At the moment, — this is an experimental feature of this resource. Comments, opinions and suggestions — very much appreciated and just help improve visual perception. The taste and color, you can experiment with graphic design by:
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And in a break in the hour of true freedom
You quickly chew sandwiches
Well, the sandwiches — sale items
So, enjoy your meal

Home mustardHome mustard, tasty
The motives of the well-known and simple recipe: it is now sold in stores under the name «mustard» — it's not there voluntarily!
Sweet bulgarian peppersSweet bell peppers
lightly fried, vegetarian
from the column — all different, tasty and worthy of the most basic and

Cauldron and its magical properties

Stewed pork with eggplant and tomatoesPork stew with eggplant and tomato
available in two pictures
PorkPork fillet with tomato and sweet pepper
meat fried in vegetable oil and onions — is a masterpiece
Chicken soupChicken soup is ordinary, but…
technology preparation of chicken soup in a cauldron