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Roasting garlic

This basic cooking section — systematized collection of different technologies, pictures, reviews and more. Course of normal and real, not skopipastennyh from the Internet and books. This page is also rubricator that was prepared independently and not yet handed down in separate columns.

Cooking time and amount of spices usually depend only on the imagination of the chef. Based on my own observations it is better to slightly overcook — most often the situation can be corrected, but raw food for me personally as some do not like… It is especially true of meat, but wiser to be careful and always do things no fuss and consciously.

Ideas known good cooks

• When cooking many dishes in which one part vinegar is used usually only 70% 70% probability vinegar essence, and not 9% ny vinegar. This is one of the many mistakes of the Europeans. And here should work one of the most important principles of cooking processes — care. Pour to very deliberately, a few drops, and the products and mixed thoroughly. In a standard bottle of vinegar, usually with a plastic cover — it is easier to pierce with an awl several thin holes.

• Mix cooked most of the cool products… preferably by hand. Yes, it is handy when you feel the touch state dish, its viscosity, etc. Well, or a wooden spatula so… By the way, it is recommended to hand wash well with soap and water, and used the tool as well.

• Sesame seeds before adding to the dish should be rinsed thoroughly, then lightly fry and pour into a dish by rubbing between your hands. This is done in order to feel all the flavor and spice of the spice.

• In the preparation of many dishes Asian cuisine uses a dietary supplement whose name in Russian sounds like "adinomoto" — slang derived from the name of the company, he — "Lotus" — the same as sodium glutamate. This white crystals, which must be used with great caution, as their use in food in increased quantities, can cause food poisoning mild to very bad… all Monosodium glutamate — a monosodium salt of glutamic acid. Outwardly, it looks like a specific table salt finely ground, but… has the properties and enhance the flavor of the association. Therefore, the dish is added depending on the amount of this supplement only in micro quantities — «on the tip of a knife!»!

• Grate the carrot on the grater, especially if there is a special a la Korean design, it is desirable to put the fruit along the flat. That is not to take with rubbing at the top or bottom of the root, but for his side, to get a long with cutting rags, but not small, as usually happens with current varieties.

• Most first-in-oil fried sweet pepper and ginger, which gives a distinctive flavor to the finished dish.


• Garlic ziroy (whole seeds), lightly fried — are recommended in virtually any fish or meat dish. In Indian cuisine, in most variants, the preparation of many dishes starts with a light roasted garlic and onions, along with various spices. When using garlic with other spices such as ginger, cinnamon, Dittany, mint, peppers, cumin, flavor it as it dissolves in the other flavors so that it can be is not apparent. Garlic is usually consumed in meat and vegetable dishes. With fish it is used much less often… especially with the fresh. It is not uncommon in poor abused garlic catering to disguise not the first freshness of the product. In addition, the cooked garlic loses its flavor aggressiveness.

• To the potatoes fall apart when cooking is not in the middle of cooking in a pan add a tablespoon 9% vinegar or brine from cucumber.

• Many ready-made goodies hot it makes sense to serve on the warmed bowl, various kinds of pilaf, for example. A meat cooked on the grill — very harmonious on a plate with a thin lavash great — they can be covered with a dish like a blanket that would stay longer hot.

And yet you do not have to make little effort to make the dish turned out really tasty.

Product manic

Nowhere and never eat poorly heat-cooked fish, in the avoidance of contamination of marine parasites, stubborn, or poisoning by toxins that are found in raw seafood. Every Stroganina there, not to mention the freshness, the body is also able to eat right. World mania about the so-called sushi — raw fish, served strange that after all boiled rice, often in the form of rolls — due only to mass dimming of consciousness and overly aggressive advertising campaign. We do not know how to cook it! And the quality of ingredients we have virtually no!

Methods and technologies making a cauldron, especially when there is no necessary ingredients on page basic variants of heat treatment.