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Culinary masterpieces

It was this culinary section — systematized collection of different recipes, pictures, reviews, and certainly not tolko. Nu normal and real, not skopipastennyh from the Internet and books. This page is also rubricator that was prepared independently and not yet handed down in separate columns.

Eggplant — preparation for the winter

Eggplant, I shall cut off the butt, cut into thin slices (about half a centimeter) and fry in a large volume of vegetable oil.

Oils do not feel sorry, it's worth it — the specifics of this. Then fried slices layered into a big jar, each layer of flavor minced red peppers and garlic salt on top, coriander and vinegar to sprinkle sypem. And in — the bank must be clean. Kept it for a long time. And a couple of days when you can eat promarinuetsya already — very tasty.

How to learn to eat with chopsticks?


It is not always the usual cutlery on the trip are available… In fact, there are situations that in addition to sticks — well, no nothing! Learn to use chopsticks is not difficult… especially when you want to eat…

One stick (below) is placed between the base of the thumb and index finger and middle finger held pad. Thumb locks that stick in a fixed position.

The second (upper) stick trying to control the thumb and index fingers. Clicking on a stick your index finger, forcing her to move the lower tip towards the first stationary stick. Eaten foods try to keep the lower tip sticks.

Home mustardHome mustard
, tasty what is now sold in stores under the name «mustard»
— It's not there voluntarily
Defrost TechnologyOur shrimp
Defrost Technology
and attempts to prepare
Sweet Bulgarian pepperSweet bell peppers
vegetarian, slightly toasted
from the section — the most basic, but decent

Roasted eggplant with garlic

Eggplant clean, cut into strips large 7 to 7 millimeters. Length is arbitrary, but more than 3 ssantimetrov — inconvenient to control the process of roasting. Garlic also clean and cut in small squares. Warm up vegetable oil, garlic + zira quickly fried. Then add the eggplant slices with constant stirring. Then as soon as soy sauce, salt, little water, sugar, MSG, yet very little water. Everything should just cook, but on the verge of extinction! Preparedness food is uniquely determined by the visual — no hours or minutes. It's fast and hard on a good pan. More on the topic of technology and advice.