Mustard Russian

Prepare a very simple
and actually available.

Mustard — one of the oldest plants used by man in cooking and medicine. The fact that mustard has long been consumed in the kitchens of almost the entire world — is well known, probably everyone. And the ancient Greeks and Romans for cooking many dishes of mustard seed was the main seasoning. And now they're exactly versed not only as a good wine.

Motives for the publication of this well-known and simple formula: it is now sold in stores under the name "mustard" — the same volunteer is impossible! More recently, it was possible to find for sale a decent product… At the present moment — is a complete awl! All this also applies to imported and domestic Burda… as otherwise it is difficult to call.

As for the recipe search on the Internet… Beginner cooks filter and asil these "technological masterpieces" hardly seems possible. Positions in most cases, absolutely full Lajoux, or missed the main points and make up… And then all this nonsense kopipast each other and will present under different names… Yeah, yeah. "Russian mustard, mustard is not Slavic — with horseradish sauce…"

What we are grass-fed — a separate and lengthy discussion. Let's start but on the subject: a recipe for a good, true and tasty mustard. Various experiments were carried out repeatedly, recipes, drawn from a fairly reputable source. Master of this art — VV. Pokhlebkin interesting variations suggested, but… well there is no accounting for tastes.

The easiest option cooking table mustard does not require much effort. Water thermos see at the bottom of the picture, and the final stage on the top photo.

The preparation technology — the basic steps

Warms up the dishes where we prepare our regular mustard.
In this variant of the jar with a lid put in a pot, pour hot water from the tap, slowly increasing the temperature of a flow-way. What temperature you have hot water — a secondary issue… but… Glass and ceramic ware is heated desirable! Scald our bank a good, fresh hot water

Then, a little fresh boiling water is poured into a jar, plus salt and sugar stir.
Next, pour a little mustard powder there — all with constant stirring. More hot water and even mustard powder — keeping a harmonious balance without Komkova peremeshivaemosti. Need to obtain a dense homogenous mass — a familiar consistency will already in the process! The resulting mass above carefully pour boiling water still fresh and tight-fitting lid, the Bank has put in a pot with a maximum hot water from the tap — I hope you have it still is. About fifteen minutes later the hot water can be up and refresh. Consider the bottom picture. Leave the brew for the night, well, or hours on 10–15–24 in a warm place. Our mustard brew and soak up the required additional amount of water.

Then the remaining water poured on top of mustard gently merge, add vinegar and mix thoroughly. Parked in a cool place, it is possible and in a refrigerator in the very warm… and a couple of hours it is desirable to sustain. At this stage, time is no longer limited and the clock and two — that's normal. And the final step — the addition of vegetable oil.
Little it is desirable, and of course mix well. In principle, the brew, infuse this special is no longer required — and you can try. Although it would be good and a little time to wait for her appointments…

The composition of extra spice and quantity of products — the value is always situational and creative. Tsifernye equivalents depend on the size of dishes and the quality of the mustard powder and personal taste preferences.

As to add different spices…
Possible combinations: sweet pepper, cinnamon, various kinds of hot peppers, cloves, bay leaf. This set of spices a little boil, filtered, brought to a boil again and serve for making mustard masses instead of just boiling water. Imagination has no limits, depending on the availability of spices and the mood to experiment.

But we note that a good mustard-seed itself is the strongest and exclusive seasoning. And all genius is simple — in this case is even relevant.

Store prepared mustard preferably in a cool, dark place. Better in a ceramic or glass container with a tight, leak-proof lid.

That's all easy! But if the sugar, salt and vinegar, and even vegetable oil conventionally standard quality… But with the mustard powder is not so great. The quality of the mustard seed is the main secret of awesome tasty mustard.

Table mustard, the stage of the welding


Here is a version of the cooking and delicious edible mustard at home with a small volume. In a more global scale technology is a little different for some reason. More if you're interested, better read in the books for the food industry long time ago. And the most kick-ass table mustard ate once upon a time in the ordinary ravioli. And brew a broth of a dumpling. But that's another story, but with the current purchase-dumpling — just better not to experiment. More on culinary masterpieces.