Roasting sweet peppers

Sweet bell peppers

What we are fed grass or type in our catering and all sorts of other fast food — a topic separate. And this is a worthy dish is cooked for a couple of minutes prepared ingredients. Well and wash, peel and chop garlic with peppers — etozh… Let's start but on the topic.

Sweet bell peppers — delicious by themselves and in the light the heat treatment. Yes, and for serving many dishes are very good.

Various experiments were carried out repeatedly, the recipes have been heavily drawn upon visual Asian chefs. Variations are different, but… good dishes and the fire rate and guarantee the result. All this is really elementary, but desirable, and conditions for our shamanism. On the first page of this culinary kaleidoscope something on this subject is.

This is the easiest option of cooking and do not require special effort. The very process of seeing the picture on the bottom, and the result can be seen perhaps in the foreground…    :)

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Preparation technology — the basic steps

Сладкий болгарский перец слегка обжаренный

Peppers and garlic to prepare reasonable to start the process, and spices close to attach… The slightly browned in vegetable oil with garlic ziroy (whole seeds), add the sliced ​​peppers into strips. All with constant stirring at a good temperature. The main feature — quickly fry rather than stew. Peppers do not have to cook! These vegetables are only slightly roasted on the fire quickly, so spices add to the pepper right at the start of heat treatment. And the most important final step — sit down to eat.

Roasting sweet peppers

The composition of extra spice and quantity of products — the value is always situational and creative. And depends on personal taste preferences.

As for the various spices are added… The possible combinations of different fish or natural soy sauce — if any. Masala cooks well for vegetables. About masala site is more — a mix of spices. Fantasy has no limits , depending on the availability of spices and the mood to experiment.


Here is the easiest and fastest option arrangements. Perhaps wisely eggs from three egg fry much more difficult. But this is a lyric on the theme of technology and advice.