assortment of spices Thai sauces - fish and shrimp


List the names of all sorts of normal food additives, we will not. As well as their various raspiarivat divine and magical properties. We can say only one thing — their skillful application opens a new world of sensations.

Black pepper and red, garlic, salt, vinegar… etc. — Unique spices and additives easy-to-find in almost any country in the world. Salt of course also badyazhat for sale, but it somehow still good. But in that «strychnine» in most cases, sold in bags of retail chains — not to spend money better.

Let's try to broaden my horizons a little… «Adinomoto» — also known as «Lotus» — also known as sodium glutamate, probably already familiar. But the unique fish and shrimp sauce for example? Thai fish sauces and shrimp — in the picture above right.

Exotic spices

Something extra you can read in the subject the basic techniques and tips, but unfortunately this is only until the page template — only pictures… A quick review with pictures. Introduction to the exotic, of course preferably in the homeland of origin… but… Buy these and other exotic spices, sublimate and additives сублиматы is quite real.

Concentrate spices Concentrate spices and dried