Asian recipes

Asian recipes

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Oriental culinary subtleties

About the sharpness and spiciness of Asian cuisine a lot of myths, and it's very diverse but… We will try here a little mention about styling under this tasty… This is quite exotic and accessible for self-cooking. In short, Collecting adaptations of technology preparation of certain dishes oriental cooking. Topic about rice and its varieties — a vast and available for review on a separate page.

Carrot in Korean to try on her "homeland" in Korea, most likely you will not succeed. There and never heard of such a dish. This is only a successful simulation of Korean cuisine, more precisely, even the name of this wonderful appetizer was added in the distant long time ago for promotional purposes. Remember the Asian markets with huge vats? — Where walking up through the ranks so to her naprobovatsya that and buy another — the question arises… :)

Attempts in the old days to find out the exact recipe of the sweets — were usually doomed to failure. Cook it yourself, the more so because the lack of root crops such as orange as yet unforeseeable… although the quality and grade of today could be better… of course you can try — a question that will…

Carrot clean, shaved on a grater, which is obtained by carrot-fries. It is desirable for a special grater because the chop by hand, it certainly can, but it dyuzhe long. Even small amounts of cooking as something is not right, maybe…

Bow clean, cut into small cubes. Heat the vegetable oil in a frying pan, fry the onion, there is finely chopped chilli chilli pepper, if not available, can be replaced with ground dry, it's all passiruem, until onion is slightly zheltovatenkim, remove from heat and add to hot carrot stirring constantly. Further, coriander, a little seasoning, "Lotus" (same as sodium glutamate), sugar and salt, can be soy sauce, vinegar, 70% there is at least the crushed garlic and finely chopped green coriander. Mix well, mash — is better handed. And let it brew. These salads mostly tastier and richer, when soaked. That is, if you want to eat tomorrow, it is better to cook today.

Xe from fish fillets

Fish fillets cut into small pieces form a harmonious
Good scald boiling water, throwing in a colander — give water to drain.
Shifts in a bowl irrigated with vinegar and leave to marinate
Radish, finely chop, and fills all in the range:
sesame oil, sliced red pepper, sugar, "Malosyan", sly vodka, thinly sliced carrots, minced garlic. Stir obtained with chunks of fish — give a present… and serve sprinkled lime juice. Nice sprinkle finely cut by parsley and cilantro…

Mushrooms or eggplant in Korean cooking in a separate review. Acquaintance with the exotic, of course, preferably in the homeland of origin. Buy many ingredients are very real in Russia and try to cook up something exotic… Here.