Fish baked in tandur

The fire, coals and their magical properties

Human passion for cooking on coals indestructible even in the era of technological and urbanization. And in some countries and at the moment — is the norm of everyday life and the basic style afigenno delicious catering. The favorites are India and Thailand… This is so to speak, of course, as everyone knows… and personally rechecked many compatriots.

Already a noise crowd of angry… I do not no, no — it's just the fact that the main emphasis is on Thai and Indian versions. A list areas where someone actually ate something divine — it makes no sense… so far

A pig on a spit

Open flames and its derivatives
overview of technology with pictures

Culinary delights cooked on charcoal

Despite the phenomenal divine taste of these dishes — the basic technology of preparation are very simple. Smart Trim + marinating foods or ingredients, plus compliance podmarinovyvanie termorezhima cooking. Since the initial preparation of meat or fish is more or less everything is clear… although there is also some subtleties Type… my, clean, guts, pluck my… again, if necessary — cut into pieces or cuts do… But the process of marinating exaggerated in the European mentality is quite… it is clear that not everywhere, but…

There is a perception that good meat marinade is not necessary… Here we are to the actual key question is selected: Who, what, when and why marinating ingredients? more compose more…

To the meat was nice and tasty in Thai common technology podmarinovyvayut it. It consists usually soy sauce, soybean oil, salt, sugar, spices, Silicon Dioxide 551… MSG — a flavor enhancer commonly available. At the factory packaging for the marinade that I recommend many Thai cooks there is an inscription: "no monosodium glutamate and dye!"

Options for all kinds of pickles

• a variety of combinations — an infinite number of…
• a mixture of lime juice, sugar, garlic and fish sauce (in addition to the unique flavor is also a substitute for table salt)
• a mixture of fish sauce and coconut milk — a unique combination which protects the meat from drying out.
• Indian pickles (especially for the tandoor — is a furnace spetsfishnaya) In addition masala (spice mix) often includes the local natural yogurt or yogurt.
• Marinades usually prepare sweet soy-based sauce

Malai kebab

Thai skewers often served with a thick sweet peanut sauce and red pepper. India also with green pepper sauce, and seafood — it vaasche super harmonic. Thick syrup palmovovy and lemon grass, sugar cane is used for cooking condiment sauces. You can easily and local zabugornye terminology here to attach… but it is probably wrong.

This special culinary section appeared recently… Although the first encounter with the magical properties of coals of fire and I remember the fourth decade… a baked potato from my childhood remember? Well, the bread on the fire… The realization that you can cook on the coals still a lot of diverse culinary comes only later, and even then not all and not always in stock options and ingredients clog… Most of the word barbecue. More advanced beyond meat and fish prepared by traditional technology… and it's wonderful. And oddly enough, few experiments with vegetables, for example… the tomatoes and eggplants especially cooked over charcoal — is super!

Very few people know about how the vertical heat treatment. And it's a completely different process and results! Well, if someone does not know, remember the shawarma is prepared as normal. Classics such afigitelnoy heat treatment course tandoor — a stove with a top loader.

In India, the tandoor prevalent and popular, they say it is designed for Turkish reasons… but that's only in Turkey today on electricity voosnovnom specialize cook fish… "Kingfish" in the picture above to bake this particular tandoori oven as "small kebab" in the last photo.

It does not attempt to write out of one's own head unrealizable stomilionny recipe some snacks. This is only a cursory review of options for the fire and sometimes a small detail. There really is nothing else.