Indian Cuisine

Indian spices

India — a country of contrasts
Indian cuisine — …
Have guessed?

Indian food — both historically and geographically provides a stunning variety of choices to try to eat what you can… India — just a fantastic country, according to information in the media — not everyone is destined to see — not the kind of karma… Look closely attentive — a real magical kaleidoscope of different all-familiar and not… For clarity, there are a couple of pages with dynamic images in themes: alcohol in India and all sorts of local delicacies.

The Indian version of tomato soup

Finely chopped onion (very little) and tomatoes (a lot), plus ginger and garlic paste this lightly fried in butter with constant stirring. It is advisable to prepare all this of course in the wok — this is a pan-specific design. Then add hot water required and tomato paste — again, all with constant stirring! Add salt, sugar, Ajinomoto (Chinese supplement), paprika still + Synthetic Vinegar liquid (Rs15 per liter bottle) + additive for soups Corn Flour (Rs35 per kilogram packaging for soups & gravis) is a corn starch — pre-dilute it and add a little water and = we bring it all to a boil…

Boil for five minutes and pour into a deep plate and a little more milk on top — mix and go to sleep large grain toast. In the process of heat treatment allowed a slight adjustment of density water. Cook over medium-low heat with constant stirring and adjusting termorezhima by exercise of raising over a fire pottery. Determine the number of familiar ingredients for a good cook is usually not a problem… What is Synthetic Vinegar I have not yet figured out. In the original version, this soup is really gorgeous and the Indian shekah (small cafes) costs about 20rubley! And sometimes I choose to change only the real Tom Yam or Tibetan momo and their variants.


Despite the huge variety of curries, there are ingredients (onion, garlic, ginger, pepper, yogurt, natural), without which you can not really prepare balanced curry. Oddly enough, — the British curry, not the Indian name. The fact that concerns food called curry. The fact that Curry has nothing to do with the powder is often sold under that name — it is an independent full in our understanding of the dish. In all its versions is seasoned with a mixture of different spices, which give the Indians was very important. This mixture is called a masala, and a harmonious taste tradition is provided for each dish its own special structure. For practical reasons, some common options mixes spices — prepared centrally, and the people slang name — spices for curry.


Masala is a wide range of pleasant aroma to the prodigious sharpness… The picture in the upper left corner — a clear visual example of the diversity of variations masala. Introduction to Indian cuisine, of course preferably in the homeland of origin, but you can try to prepare yourself for example, Chicken masala. Buy similar ingredients — is quite real. And the experiment on their own… But the main secret of exciting Indian dishes — in the right combination of spices: cumin, coriander, black pepper, cardamom, cinnamon, cloves and many others. To prepare the tastiest dishes in the oven tandoori — cook creatively follows recipes of their own invention.