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Exotic food — it is a passion of modern man in this era of "open borders" and it is quite natural. In some countries, seeming to have exotic — that's not it, but their rate of daily nutrition. And what we eat —… for someone as strange. Treated several times by our Asian friends delicacies — many flatly refused to even try. This is so to speak, and so of course everyone understands I guess.

A surprise Russians specially fattened by French frogs now difficult… When taking into account that the Thais and the Chinese cook them much tastier. We here will try to mention some exotic ingredients are available from which you can build something tasty on their own thread.


About fuchzhu (soy "asparagus") say briefly — dried tofu. This is probably the most versatile of all sublimate. It can be stewed, boiled, fried, marinated… Fuchzhu very rich in protein and contain no cholesterol.

Method of preparation
Typically, the packaging is quite intelligible statement — and it ought to respect. Heh, heh, though almost always on the import version. You do not know Chinese? — Well, that's fine.

Take a deep bowl, pour the cold water and the contents are there… run two or three hours is usually enough to complete softening. Further, it is already possible to prepare as you want… how to pre-porezt and rinse well. For cold dishes soak in better good (boiled) water.

They say that you can add more pieces nerazmochennye fuchzhu to dolgogotovyaschimsya dishes (at least 40 minutes). But in this case will surely be a lot of micro-particles — such as a small additional effect on the density.

Fuchzhu itself has no special taste and aroma, hence the extra richness of the dish correct the addition of other ingredients and seasonings.


Соя в различных упаковках

This is a very interesting food. Protein, it contains several times more than in the meat and the type is better absorbed. At low concentrations of carbohydrates and starch, soy provides the body is almost all essential amino acids, vitamins A, B1,, D, E, PP and mineral salts.

Soy foods contain lecithin, which goes on building cell membranes of our body and plays an important role in normalization of metabolic processes, cleansing the liver, strengthening the vessel walls, activating many of the features… and then only by scientists are not scientifically Advertise…

Soybeans today where he met many of the milk to sausage… damn… That picture was found by accident perspective. The first plan — fuchzhu in the package, then soy milk, more of the same…

Introduction to the exotic, of course preferably in the homeland of origin, but… Buy these and other exotic material — is quite real. Also, you can easily yourself something to cook, but do not buy in the markets of questionable quality, the wholly inadequate price. Recommend reading section about basic technology cooking delicious food.

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