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Edible treats Egypt

Egypt — not exactly a very prosperous country in the culinary perspective, especially when trying to move around the country on non-standard routes for tourists. It's not about the coastal resorts and super food in the coolest hotels and restaurants, where they still have…

The plot is fairly standard in many places in the morning and afternoon a couple of shops and stores open, and besides water, chips, candy and soap synthetic nifiga no more. Neee a figure such as questionable quality — Duc where to cook it? Vegetable shop is conspiratorial and is only open in the evening. In general the lyrics yet to be on the subject… If global sum, the edible goodies in Egypt is exactly, but they still need to find a decent place or catering to know in advance.

Upper picture — such as recommendations that can be done. Buy fruits and vegetables are well washed, wiped and take to the road and eat… and as a reserve. When taking into account that the quality of such products is quite decent at ridiculous prices. Various cakes can be bought almost anywhere, sometimes even very fresh and tasty. And of course neglected to leave a decent quality of various fruits for ridiculous prices can not be well.

Local alcoholic drinks are usually — hellish swill, but sometimes there are exceptions. But for example to the Jordanian quality and range of this Arab country very far away. Imported alcohol is often a fake, the quality is not very often uncertain and prices — high. But the beer last year, there have learned to cook. Various reviews with pictures and opinions on this subject formulated and made ​​into a separate category alcohol in Egypt. In this same section will only work worthy of the real cost of Egyptian food service, which, thanks be to Allah in some places still is.

Menu общепитаMenu
Budget catering
Chicken grilGrilled Chicken
serving with various
Menu рыбного ресторанаMenu
Local fish restaurant
Морская рыбка жаренаяMarine Fish
Болти фиш на грилеFish Bolti
fried and marinated
Fried eggplantFried eggplant
with spicy sauce
Fried Vegetarian ballsVegetarian Balls with yogurt and hot sauce
with yogurt and hot sauce
Chinese soup with beef and noodlesChinese soup
with beef and noodles…
Суп с курицей и лапшойChinese noodles
with chicken and vegetables…
Дичь настоящаяThis game