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Cauldron на открытом огне

Tools in the kitchen

Well, you say? Taste the final result of the culinary creativity in many respects depends on the quality of initial ingredients. This postulate, I hope, you know. Again, clearly, if there is a desire to make really something really tasty — first need to create the conditions for the process of cooking. So, about the most basic needs: the most important and нужнейшие things for culinary creativity — this is the fire, cutting devices, and of course dishes.

Open fire — best of all fixed hearth with a canopy. If there is a possibility, it will not be superfluous to hold and gas in the hearth. The idea is not to fully cook on a gas-ring — of course not! But if you want to quickly add or subtract the violence of fire, the combination of gas and wood — very convenient, and in the preparation of dishes, requiring long-term is not a strong fire, the presence of gas is very simplify the process of cooking.

Burners — this path by the intuition is that, especially if in the morning of voltage in the network of 190 volts, and in the evening 240, instead of 220, and on the microwave and at all it is not. There is, of course, there are many kinds of simple and complex, easily constructed and not… fixtures for heat treatment of products from the simplest mangala to the Russian oven, from tena for shaurmy to тандура and other, more exotic kitchen designs. For example in Jordan very popular earthen oven. Compliance with терморежима processing products — this is one of the most important factors tasty result of culinary shamanism and it is necessary to always remember and understand.

Gas cooker in the conditions of urbanization is practically an ideal…

The main enemies of the present cook for many dishes — this is a chopper and all sorts of электрошинковки. Only cut! Yes and they say "minced meat, "and the word spam — not one… with ширпотребовским shade. As for meat, if grind him something other than a knife, they remain "rag kind of crushed fibres". He only leaves juice in the meat. Knives, however, sometimes you need to sharpen… It is clear that the most delicious Russian appetizer of tomatoes and fuck with garlic, one with a knife make unrealistic, but… :) this is a different subject.

Important criteria are the ways of dressing products… and for different dishes they are different. For example bow to pilaf cut ringlets, and for dishes with a descriptor masala — quite small, almost cubes approximately 4x4 mm. Competent butchering meat products — this is «aerobatics»…

Crockery —… and you tried to prepare for this cast-iron? What is now sold in the shops — often of very low quality. The author of this page once even holes in a cast iron frying pan bought in a large trading network… So what exactly is it better to buy something rare. By the way, good чугунина, properly treated quite easily laundered without any detergents! Skovoroda, ideally, a large cast-iron and a pair of wooden blades with long handles — very convenient to all mix. In a large pot you can always prepare some food without compromising on quality.

Cooking time and the number of spices usually depend only on the fantasy of the chef. On the basis of their own observations: better a little overcook — most often the situation can be corrected, but raw foods personally I don't like… this is mainly for meat, but the wise always be considerate and do not fussing and consciously. The logical continuation of the on the basic concepts and technologies cooking tasty dishes on a separate page — exclusive benefit in a more detailed and specific.

Methods and technologies of cooking in the pot, especially when there is no proper ingredients on the page the basic variants of heat treatment. The right technologies deicing products so in a separate topic about the technology of cooking the masterpieces of cookery.