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Those — who is an unknown news
Who walked all over the world — respect and honor.
But if more than us, they know that?
On the world about this for what it is …

The lyrics of this world

Now comes the creative work of systematizing and navigation sections. Systematized materials are gathered in the author's texts, he also has a detailed map text version of this site, and built an exclusive search from Google — already quite well helps you find necessary for this resource. Some thematic pages easily fit together in various conditioned rubricators. There is not much so, in which case they are likely to be present here and there. In memory recalled super classics of the genre, one of the translations of «Hamlet» by William Shakespeare.

… On earth and in heaven so many miracles that can not dream of all human wisdom
In order to avoid possible deviations from the original, use the known method the search for truth. As a result, there was a page — the global motto for this resource presenting.
This interpretation of the original versions of the content in different translations
kaleidoscope perception of recognized masterpieces of world culture.

The qualitative and not very adequate specific information on the Internet — a vast topic and rhetorical. Logically, the only thought given to the author's project. Feel free to call with a capital Independent kaleidoscope. There is no complete information lazhi and seemingly borrowing, at least checked on personal experience. There are photographs, comments to pictures and more thematic textual variations. Please read the introduction to the site What's This? — It only takes you a long time.

The main theme of this resource:
Round-trip, travel and tourism independent.
Not always independent in the truest sense of the term
and not clearly met the definition of travel with a capital letter.

Images and photographs of this resource voosnovnom not artistic direction. Some previously proposed to educate the materials has changed dramatically and balanced view, courtesy of a familiarization-term information, but the constant is improved and optimized.

The style of the contents of this site, with an emphasis on the overall emotional overview of movements in space. Often this process is even linked to border crossing of different states, countries, and other abstract social and not natural and artificial-GOVERNMENTAL distinctions. Geographic, ethnic, and head and share what people do not know why: the area, states, republics, etc. etc. with all the consequences…

Another interesting section is uniquely cuisines of the world. Much of this delicious information highlighted in a separate section World Kitchen — Here are reviews and recipes. This theme has always been topical and here are some of its components. Conventionally delineated three basic cooking directions:
cuisine of different countries, who attend primary
food — what we eat on the go and home and then
what they have learned and prepare yourself.

And in keeping with the interpretation of the name of the resource: the emotional kaleidoscope of images — here come from the various directions, then what we face on the move and in a stationary life. A bit of everything: society, internet and virtual communication, personal safety, the technical details of some devaysov psychology of behavior in society, and of course the ethics and morality. There are a lot of pictures and photos and a few sections devoted to these topics. Uses pop-up tips and perhaps they make it easier to navigate this virtual world. Enjoy and make your conclusions. Good luck to you.

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